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Traditional jewelry are sturdy and don’t break easily. The modern jewels are machine made and if not handled properly they break… so they have to be used sparingly and kept safely in the boxes soon after reaching home.
Having invested a lot of money in the jewelry they have to be maintained as well. Dull jewelry can be washed with detergents dissolved in warm water. It is then cleaned with a clean cloth to give the shine. While washing stones have to taken care of some of them fade if washed frequently in soap water or soaked for a long time in it.
If we really want to buy exclusive jewelry we can buy when we go to different places. Buy one each time we visit other countries and places. Each country has its own traditional and fancy jewels. To choose from we can buy precious stones from different places and had it made in our local place by our own goldsmith.
Gold can’t be molded if it is pure. It is mixed with either copper or silver before making jewelry. The color changes according to how much copper or silver has been mixed.
Shop around and buy the best to suit your budget.

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