Everybody loves jewelry. It is an important fashion accessory that helps us become more elegant and appealing. It serves an aesthetic purpose in our social lives that symbolizes a number of things, most especially money and power. It can indicate success and status, present elegance and beauty. It also adds sparkle to our social lives. Unfortunately, with the scarcity of precious stones today, jewelry has become a privilege and luxury for the few.

It can even be considered as an investment because of its worth, figuratively. Most people would rather spend their money on things that they need and are practical rather than splurge on a single diamond. It can also be dangerous as it attracts the eyes of thieves who know jewelry as much as the storeowner does. It is impossible for an average person to buy a good-sized diamond without spending a lot of money. We can only get a glimpse of these expensive diamonds on the finger of engaged and married celebrities.