New Gen Beachwear

Beachwear is essential especially in the summer. However, you can’t walk around town in your two-piece string bikini. Even if you live in the Emerald Coast, you’re still supposed to have something on to cover your swim wear. You can wear a super sheer, gossamer-thin wrap if you want. It doesn’t matter what you use for a beach wrap as long as you do wear one.

Beachwear’s Evolution

Beachwear used to be synonymous with bathing suits and swimming trunks. You only wear your swim suit at the beach. You don’t prance around the hotel lobby wearing it, and you don’t window shop in it. Heck, you’re not even supposed to cross the street in it. What you’re supposed to do is go to the beach, get into your bathing costume, swim, get dressed, and go home.