Trompong is played by a single person with long arms, along with rebab and suling.

Kendang are double end drums placed on the lap, leading the orchestra and is considered the most difficult.

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Suling are high pitched flutes.

Rebab is a violin with two strings.

Scale are used with five tones, the instruments has unchangeable pitches and are tuned only during performance. With no universal norms, the tuner decides the sound. And the sounds stay combined and blended.

Simultaneous beat of the different instrument with different tunes produces a third note called the beat note, which is throbbing and lively.

The drums are the lead and the end is with a big beat.


All instruments from big drums to small drums, gongs and the cymbals are played with specific timings which produces the melody. As the pitch of the instrument increases the music becomes more complicated. Melody played by the trompong, gangsa, rebab and sulings, are drum controlled and these drums are gongs punctured. The melody’s circular movement is delineated by the gongs, which are in contrast to western music.

Kotekan produces the real exitment of Balinese rhythms. they are interlocking gangsa and a single melody is produced by this interlocking music line. They are not played single and are played with top speed. Drums are also played in pairs showing similarity with the Kotekan.

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