Silver is considered as one of the precious metals like gold, platinum .The price of silver is in between both of them is used for making various ornaments apart from jewelry. It is used to make plates, tumblers, bowls, cups and saucers, spoons, etc; some people make even play toys from silver. They say it is very nice to eat in silver plates and drink in silver tumblers. Silver is used to make some toys for kids and feeding bottles, and sippers etc; Very rarely silver jewels are worn although they are available in the market.

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Buying silver is costly and hence has to be maintained well in order to prolong its longevity. The general problem with silver is it becomes dark when exposed to sunlight or kept in a safe for a long time without using. But with the help of a special silver polish it can be brought back to its original shine. The silver does not turn dark but the alloy mixed to make it, is the culprit. Depending on what ratio it is being mixed the blackening changes. Some are lacquer coated and so remain the same without any change.
If the silver is engraved with some design it is a bit difficult to clean it otherwise it becomes shiny in minutes
In India it is a custom to give silver for the girl when she gets married as they give gold. Silver anklets are very famous. Some wear toe rings as well. Silver chains and bangles are rarely used. Silver utensils are commonly used in houses. Flower basket is one ornamental thing made from silver. People use them for pooja .All the vessels used in the pooja room are made from silver. Hindus have the custom of lighting silver lights in their pooja room and during weddings and other ritual functions.
In olden days rich people used to have pots in silver and store water in them for drinking. Nowadays if we use them it will be difficult to protect them from thieves. Buying such ornamental silver is not a matter, only preserving it is important. Nowadays it has to be protected from being stolen. Some people make hip chains for kids in silver.
The wealth of a person is measured from the gold and silver they have apart from properties and cash they have. It is a part of the wealth. Richness is shown through this.
People buy silver if they can’t afford to buy in gold as it is comparatively cheap. But gold has its own value. Making vessels in gold is unimaginable. But it can be possible with silver. Silver is widely used through out the world.

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