Starting Your Own Wholesale Business

If you are starting a small clothing business, it is probably advisable to be prepared to have a reasonable capital for business expenses. To start a business, you first have to deal with manufacturers. They are basically on top of the business chain.

Manufacturers are the ones who sell bulks of product to wholesalers or distributors, after which, the products are then sold to retailers and small time dealers. These are then sold to the last link of the chain which is comprised of the end consumers or the customers.

Having a reasonable capital will help the business prosper. This capital represents your buying power and this can also present you as a capable dealer to sell and commit to business transactions. If you have a capital, moreover, you will be a viable prospect for sales representatives. You can discuss your conditions and sales with such representatives.

Selling Wholesale Garments

Selling wholesale garments is a good idea for a business. Clothing apparel is one of life’s necessities. Having good clothes is one of the main concerns of the public or consumers. This is one of the most feasible business endeavors.

Malls, clothing boutiques and selected flea markets are the target buyers of wholesale garments distributors. It is more practical to sell to such customers since they usually buy in bulk; they have sufficient buying power to make inroads in your inventory. They will then become the retailers and sell individually to end consumers.

Garments including dresses, jeans, jackets, tops, corporate attires, underwear, bonnets, caps, hats, socks, scarves, handkerchiefs, and swimming outfits can all be sold in bulk. They are then branded by their new owners.

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Of course, you can sell garments directly to end consumers, too. You can do this online, but this means you have to sell enough or to sell at a higher price to justify the shipping costs and to cover your opportunity costs that are incurred the longer your inventory remains untouched in your garments warehouse. You can also set up your own retail outlet, but this means overhead costs for property rentals, utility bills and sales personnel salaries.

Selling Wholesale Jewelry

Selling wholesale jewelry can also be a good business since jewelry is a favorite fashion accessory and gift. They are also more expensive so there’s more room for profit. Precious stones like diamonds are high priced so they are more profitable. Of course, there may be slower turn over for such items unless you find a retailer who would regularly buy from you in bulk.

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By the way, if you want to be a distributor or a wholesaler, you have to get a reseller license. This license is the key that would enable you to make business transactions. All you have to do is fill up some paperwork and you are set to make selling deals.

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