Dressing In Denim

Runway: Designers alter denim into dresses, rompers and shoes for spring. The most prominent of them feature a head-to-toe denim. Former fashions did not.

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Reality: Everything in denim is something everyone loves and the head-to-toe style may be just the kind for trendy fashion loving people as a fad. From trendy denim tunics that are worn together with leggings to shoes (there’s a pair of Tory Burch’s that will make you go crazy), denim is being worn in new ways – as shirts, rompers, dresses and jackets – instead of just as jeans for a fresh spring look. Try mixing denim with neutrals, brights and just plain white. Nature inspired jewelry that are big and bold – wood or turquoise – go well with denim.

The Influence Of The Army

Runway: Olive green, sharp-cut military jackets and army jackets are all over the place for the spring of 2011.

Reality: This is a fashion statement that goes well with many women and it is as easy to add to a wardrobe as adding a khaki camp shirt or a pair of soft utility pants. The essential point to keep in mind to see that the army jacket look feminine is to see that you choose fitted jackets and shirts: it avoids looking sloppy and gives a more boy-meets-girl feel. In spite of the fact that camo is still available and is fashionable, it is the olives and the khakis that give a fresh look. If olive is not a color you are comfortable with, keep it for the bottoms or go completely khaki.
New Leggings

Runway: It is no brainer to stick to just plain black leggings that everyone wears. Designers have now taken to fresh fabrics and crazy prints.

Reality: There is no necessity to go in for eye-popping prints or wild ripped-up stuff to take on leggings for spring. Contemporary wardrobe manufacturers have you covered in particular. You can add to your wardrobe special denim leggings (jeggings), cute zip-ankle details, khaki neutrals and fresh acid wash or tie-dye looks.

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