Wayang Kulit, the puppet Show brings in all arts like music, dance, drama and literature in it and it is expected that puppeteer to be expert in all forms of arts. The performance of Wayang Kulit forms a sacred part of most of the ceremonies, from baby ceremonies to temple anniversaries, including wedding and cremations. These performances are religious, instructive and entertaining. It has been said, watching Wayang Kulit helps to understand Indonesian politics because this performance symbolizes Indonesia.

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The royal inscription of Balinese of the 11th century mentions Wayang performance. Hence, people say it initiated in India and brought to Bali via Java inbetween 1000 to 1300 AD. It’s also been told it originated in lands that lie between China and Turkey. Wayang differ from Javanese performance, because its more of traditional folk, while Javanese are more stylish. Wayang has been called Bali’s cinema and considered sacred. Wayang denotes shadow and Kulit signifies hide for the puppets. Siamese master, Chinkah first described Wayang Kulit way back in 1846, after it was performed before him by king in Klungkung.

The performances are of two different kinds. wayang peteng or night wayang performed during birth, wedding, as a thanks giving or during temple anniversary, and wayang lemah or day wayang which is considered as an offering to gods.

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