Rice is always a stable and staple food among majority of the country. The cultivation process dates back to 2,000 years. But the latest method used at present dates back to 1,000years. Bali’s food is never complete without rice. Rice is called various names, like padi or uncrushed rice, gabah or unmilled rice, beras or uncooked rice and nasi or cooked rice. Three kinds of rice are barak or red rice, black rice or injin, and ketan or white rice. In the offerings they add turmeric with white rice to make yellow rice.

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Traditionally, it took 210 days for the rice to grow. But due to the green revolution in 1970s, they started growing miracle or new rice. After 1940, Indonesia doubled its population, which led to scarcity of rice and started to import rice, so high yielding variety was imported from Philippines. In 2000, they exported 18 million tons of rice to other countries.

Prior to planting, the land is watered and the cows plough the field; then fertilized; planting is done with hand. When the saplings grow, people sit and watch it against the birds. It takes nearly 5 full months to harvest. Again after harvesting, the field is either flooded or burnt.

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