Religious jewelry is not just restricted to the European culture, it is a global culture. Hindus who occupy most part of Asia also have some symbolic jewelry. They worship idol Gods, which they use in their jewelry. They are lord Ganesh, Murugan, Venkateswara etc. Apart from these they prefer the weapons they hold in hand as their symbolic jewelry,. In western countries they wear ring as a symbol of marriage, whereas in Asian countries they wear a chain as the symbol of marriage. This chain usually has a pendant in which sun and moon are imprinted to represent that whole world is being activated by them both. Some have the Sivalingam in their pendant which shows the union of man and wife.
Religious jewelry is worn by all religious people. Even Hindus wear rosary like beads which they say gives strength to them Some wear in special type of beads which they say is good for health. Both educated an uneducated people have some faith in God and they follow what they think is good for them. Scientifically also some of their beliefs have proof that certain precious stones when worn conveys good energy to the body and hence helps in keeping them healthy. If we do anything with hope we will be surely be successful in life, Belief is life. Whatever we do has to be done with some belief that we will succeed.

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