Relax in Ubud Indonesia

People are searching for that perfect vacation spot in which they can ease their tired nerves and feel a sense of wellbeing. Frankly speaking, that kind of place is now scarce. However, there is a place where you can remove your work shoes and just enjoy the time.

The Old Twist

Ubud Indonesia offers a lot of tourist spots that travelers could feast their eyes on all day long. There is the Museum Puri Lukisan which sports Balinese art. The Monkey Forest literally is a forest full of monkeys, so you could tell your friends that you’ve held a real monkey. For the feminist, there is the Seniwati Gallery of Art by Women, which is pretty much self explanatory.

There are several temples that is a must-visit, among them the Goa Gajah which houses phallus and vagina statues. The Gunung Kawi is the presumed tomb of King Anak Wungsu and his wives, and Tirta Empul, which is built around hot springs.

To complete the traditional tourist tour, there are cultural performances to watch out for. There are the Puri Saren and Puri Saraswati dance performances every night, and Batubulan in which you can see the never-ending battle between the dark (evil) side and the good.

The Accommodations

There are several places in which you could sleep. Depending on your budget, you could either get a meager room or a five-star hotel suite. The Narosoma Homestay is very cheap, yet the sunrises and sunsets are a breathtaking experience to watch from their top floor. The Bumi Ayu Villa is a little expensive, but the view is a must-see.

The way around Ubud is very easy. You could walk around, because almost all the paths are connected, and enjoy the area. Bemos are also available. These Bemos are local minibuses, but foreigners are charged twice the amount. Taxis are also available. The local drivers are very accommodating as you can rent their minivans for half the price of metered taxis. Bikes are also very good for athletes since it could tone your muscles even while you are on a vacation. The ride would be very relaxing.

All in all, a tourist’s stay in Ubud would be well worth it. Keep in mind though that you have to haggle with the prices to bring the cost of your purchases like souvenirs down as the prices are somewhat more expensive when given to tourists.

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