The limited interactions between Balinese villages and due to ecological reasons led to the development of Balinese music and had verity. It was also the talent of the Balinese which helped to develop the music. It’s called as gamelan which represents the instruments and not players, they represent Balinese orchestra, and with little of improvisation. It is full of elegant patterns and rhythms.

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The primary purpose is to amuse gods and ancestors during various ceremonies and processions. They are also performed for the tourist, at weddings and cremations. The music needs frequent rehearsal, which is done after the days work

The unison of the instruments is important in the Balinese music.

Gangsas: Looking like xylophones these instruments are different sized with bronze keys. They are hit with a little hammer made of wood, with the right hand, 4 to 14 keys assembled in pairs, causing the bamboo resonators to vibrate the keys below, producing sound. The left hand helps to stop sound merging to next note.

Gongs are single string instruments made of bronze and are hit with intervals with mallet which is cloth-covered.

Ceng-ceng are bronze cymbals that adds sound to the excitement.

The instrument Reyong is a long framed instrument, which holds many inverted bronze pots having small knobs at the top. They are hit by four players with a stick. All players sit along side and take responsibility for their section.

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