Rainsticks for Better Gifts

Traveling has always been fun, but buying souvenirs is another thing. Your relatives have already probably guessed what you are going to buy them as soon has your plane has flown off the runway. Looking at every souvenir shop can be difficult, too. Sometimes store owners take advantage of foreigners and raise there prices up a notch. Once they start with a smooth sales pitch, you will be enthralled on the unique and “rare” artifacts that you can purchase.

Like souvenirs, gifts can also be hard to pick. I don’t think buying your friend another picture frame or mug is a good idea.

Thinking of a unique souvenir or gift can also be tricky when it comes to the price. Most likely, the gift that your loved one or your friend wants is worth more than a box of mugs. Finding a rare gift is harder, usually these special items are expensive, too, since they are not commonly found in other stores. Mostly, these items are handmade which gives it a right to have a higher price tag.


If you are looking for an alternative to the usual T-shirt souvenir or mug, a rainstick can be a surprising gift. It is used in traditional tribal practices to call for rain. They are long hollow tubes containing beads. The surface inside of the rainstick has pins arranged helically. When the beads inside pass through the pins, it gives off the sound of a rainstorm when you tip it over.

Rainsticks are made from different materials, but it depends on the country’s culture and tradition where it was made or where you bought it from. This can be a refreshing option for you instead of buying last years’ gifts. They are affordable, too, and come in different designs and materials, making one rainstick different than the other.

Where to Find One

You don’t have to travel to buy a rainstick. There are popular unique items that are available online. The internet can connect you to any site anywhere in the world. It is not impossible to find an online store that sells rainsticks.

A rainstick is a good souvenir gift. You can also surprise your friends with it regardless of the occasion. For a more practical gift shopping and souvenir buying errand, a rainstick would be a good alternative. For a small cost and a priceless moment, this ingenuity is definitely a good gift.

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