Raquel Welch Still Hot at 69!

Actress and sex icon Raquel Welch appeared on Oprah March 29 and proved to the world that it is possible to maintain a svelte, sexy figure even at the age of 69! The busty brunette, who first climbed to the consciousness of pimpled teens everywhere in her hot bikini scene in the 1966 film One Million B.C. talked about the rigors of maintaining an incredibly sexy body and her alleged non descript relationship with the King himself, Elvis Presley! Click on the link to view excerpts of the Oprah show at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCOBH2KaodE.

Welch, who is also a spokesperson for MAC cosmetics and Foster Grant eyewear, is not only a businesswoman (with her successful wig line) but is an author as well, having penned The Raquel Welch Total Beauty and Fitness Program in 1983 and recently released her memoir Beyond the Cleavage which she openly discussed in the Oprah show.

The sexy actress also denied reports that she resorted to plastic surgery to maintain her sexy figure, and even openly stated that “I don’t care what plastic-surgery exploits you get into, it’s not going to do the trick,” and adds “You absolutely should have an exercise program,” which she has. Welch hits the gym 6 days a week doing weight training, yoga and cardio exercise and follows a very strict high protein, low carb diet to which she openly states “is horrible, because I love to eat bread, pancakes and pizza but I have to stick to the diet because it makes me look and feel better.”

Welch, who was born Jo Raquel Tejada and is the eldest of three children, was divorced four times, most recent was in 2003 with restaurateur Richard Palmer who is 15years her senior. “Sex is overrated,” the mother of 2 grown children says, “and consistently hyped far beyond what it can deliver.” We believe you, Rachel. What we want to find out is how genetically gifted you really are to be able to not only look good well-beyond retirement age, but to maintain your sex appeal that even younger men cant resist! “I don’t go much for younger men anymore,” the sexy actress says. “I’ve been married 4 times and I feel like a failure.”

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