The word Indonesia is originated from Latin word Indus meaning India and nesos meaning the islands. This country got familiar from the year 1900. Now in present world, the Indonesia tops fourth biggest populated country in the globe.

The country Indonesia includes 17,508 islands with 5150 km stretching right from east to west region. Indonesia has much number of active volcanoes. There are many numbers of rain forests which fulfills the green vegetation.

Moreover Indonesia considered being biggest Archipelago. The archipelago means group of islands. Due to archipelago, the country Indonesia has many active volcanoes. Indonesia is much regarded as the biggest Islamic country with 87 percent of them is Muslims. Though Muslims were dominated in their country, about 580 languages were present other than Urdu language. Out of 17508 islands you can see people inhabit only in 6000 islands. The biggest islands of Indonesia are Java, Sumatra, New guinea, Sulawesi and kalimantam. More than 234 million people reside in Indonesia country.

Indonesia ranks up as 16th biggest country with regard to total land area. Due to presence of active volcanoes, there are several occurrence of earthquake which often causes damage to their country. It stands third biggest island of the world. Sumatra Island considered being sixth biggest island in the whole universe. It also shares the 5th rank in world’s highest island. Indonesia tops in production of nutmeg to the world consumers. More number of foreign tourist flock to this country. The tourism in Indonesia favors income to the government. Due to its tropical climate and diversification of culture many tourists visit this country. Punkcak jaya is the highest point in Indonesia situated in the highlands of Papua.

Java rhinoceros is most familiar in Indonesia. It is not found in other parts of the world Tanah air kita, meaning our land and water quite signifies the Indonesia.

Among various cities in Indonesia, Bali is most attracted venues for foreign tourist. This city has many international standard hotels sea beach resorts and many tourist places which attracts the foreign tourists.

Jakarta city is most thickly populated and ranks 11th biggest city in the world. After city of Bali most foreign tourist spend their leisure time in capital city of Indonesia.

Generally the country shortly follows the Muslim religion with almost care. The people have zeal and fervor in practicing their religious rituals. During 2004, the country faced natural disaster of tsunami where many people lost their life. After Japan, the country has high number of active volcanoes. It is also danger of having so many active volcanoes but still people lead their daily life without any discomfort. The country signifies with cultural heritage and lovely sea beach resorts to enjoy the life.

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