The Royal family of England now possesses the most precious and biggest diamond in the globe. The diamond comes from India while undergoing the reign over that country. The Queen Elizabeth now adores the beautiful diamond on her crown.

As like British people, the Greeks, the Etruscans, the Romans and the Victorians flourish the glory of attiring the precious jewelleries.

The jewels which were made during the period of 1900 are considered to be precious. The style pattern and skill work which mesmerizes the customers to wear the jewels at desire. One could find out the uniqueness of the jewels which were more than hundred years ago.

Some of the precious jewels namely Nouveau and Edwardian are considered to be worthful inventions of jewel. The Nouveau jewels were made by imminent persons like karl Fabeerge, George, Fouquet, Rene Lalique and Louis Comfort Tiffany. These imminent persons used various substances like gems, Turtoise shell, demantoid garnets, moonstones and baroque pearls.

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The other fame jewelry Edwardian was greatly promoted by American’s and the British people.

In the Edwardian jewelry, one could see the black opals of Australia, Pastel blue sapphire from Montana and most fame substance called platinum.

These old fashioned precious jewels came out with Victorian gold bracelets, Sword handles, Enamel with lockets. All these fame materials can be seen in the museum and auction places, where one can search the value of jewel with high degree of interest.

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