Didgeridoo is an instrument, which originated from Australia. It is a three to four feet long wooden rod in which holes made when blown from one end and the holes pressed sound is produced. Playing this musical instrument is a good breathing exercise. Only experts can hold breath for a long time and play continuously for a long time. One inhales through the nose and exhales through the mouth with the help of cheek and tongue. It originated from the Australian tribal people Aborigines They made it out of Eucalyptus wood and played with interest.

It is said that in olden days they used to get rain continuously for a longer period and when they saw the rainbow they call it as snake and believed that they got rain because of this snake and imitated that and made Didgeridoo They had a belief that when this instrument is played it makes the rain go away and save their crops They made the instrument in bamboo.
It is difficult to play this instrument continuously for a long time In 1994 Mark Akins played it continuously without a break for nearly 50 min. No body has ever played this for more than that time. They say that playing this instrument is good for the health. It gives good breathing exercise for everyone who plays it.
It needs a lot of practice to play this instrument. Unlike other instruments it is not easy to learn as well. One has to learn to hold breath for a long time. Being tribal people they did it easily. Modern people will find it difficult to play. Air has to be blown continuously; otherwise it will be absurd to hear the sound. It will be melodious only if properly blown and at the same time covering the holes necessary
Once you get to play it will be interesting to play different songs in it. The aborigines are best known for playing this instrument. No one can hold breath continuously like them it needs a lot of effort and enthusiasm to learn to play this instrument. It produces very melodious sounds, which no other instrument could make. It has its own unique value. The aborigines have been really great experts to invent such an instrument and make the people enjoy the music.

This is an example to show that tribal people have been very talented. They also dance well to its music. They have spread this art to the other parts of the world. Since there are not many to play this instrument learning to play it is not that easy as it is difficult to get a proper tutor to teach playing this instrument.

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