Sweet Weekend for Mickelson

For Phil Mickelson, life got a little bit sweeter over the weekend, as he took home his 3rd Masters title in Augusta, Georgia. Not only did he beat out fellow competitor Tiger Woods and a slew of other talented golfers for the trophy, but the sweetest part of the weekend was the surprise appearance of his wife Amy Mickelson, who has been battling breast cancer for the past eleven months.
Mrs. Mickelson has not been at a tournament in nearly a year and it was not known whether or not she would be in attendance this weekend. Also there to celebrate the win was Phil Mickelson’s mother Mary Mickelson, who ironically is also battling breast cancer after being diagnosed with the disease in July.
Emotions ran high for the 39-year-old Mickelson, who wore a pink ribbon in support of breast cancer awareness. Photographers and camera crews noted a single tear could be seen running down his face after the tournament. The diagnosis of Amy’s cancer as well as that of his mother Mary have made a significant impact on the career of Mickelson, who announced on May 20th, that he would suspend his PGA TOUR schedule until further notice. But it was his wife’s presence that made for newsworthy quotes.
‘I wasn’t sure if she was going to be there,’ he said.
‘In the last year, we’ve been through a lot and it’s been tough. And to be on the other end and feel this kind of jubilation is incredible.
Mickelson’s family is direct juxtaposition to his competitor Tiger Woods, who returned to the game after a string of ill-fated sexual scandals rocked the news world. The Mickelsons, who have been married since 1996, have three children together: Amanda, nine, Sophia, seven, and son Evan, six.
Amy’s diagnosis last year had a significant impact on her husband’s career. After making the announcement on May 20, he said he would suspend his PGA Tour schedule indefinitely.

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