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Lady Gaga Did It Again! 1

Lady Gaga dons a new meaning to the phrase “put a little meat on, honey.”

But definitely, we are not just talking about a little meat here. Lady Gaga’s meat dress is made from 50 lb steak, said designer Franc Fernandez. Now, outrageous doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

People are now talking more about Lady Gaga’s meat dress more than her eight VMA win. I mean, how could you not talk about it? We can only imagine how it smells. And if you will be sitting next to her for those many hours, how can one stand it? How did Lady Gaga pass those darn sniffing dogs? Ha-ha. What did she put inside her purse, lipstick? And while sitting down, the meat juice didn’t bother her at all? I mean when under those lights the meat was not in proper storage temperature and the meat dress must’ve been over thawed by then or at least disintegrating of some sort.

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Word War with Willow 2

And with this incident, I am sure the liberals are going to have a field day making this a national issue instead of what it really is: kids being kids. The worse thing that I can think about it is a case of cyber bullying – although that is not good either. But the point is, you go to every 16 year old Facebook account and chances are, you will see words posted worst than the Palins used.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska is an eight parts TV series hosted by Sarah Palin. It is part documentary and travel.

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Word War with Willow 1

Well, the good news is, Willow Palin is just being a normal teenager despite having a superstar mom. Yeah, yeah surely mother Sarah Palin should teach her children how to behave but I guess the girls were provoked. And please let us not make this a venue to question Sarah Palin’s parenting skills.

And if you haven’t been on earth lately, I am talking about Willow Palin, daughter of politician, White House hopeful Sarah Palin slashing someone on Facebook on a total juvenile message board war.

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Bristol Makes it to the Finals 2

And so Brandy my bet and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy (whew) were eliminated out on week 9 of Dancing with the Stars. The sad part was, they were eliminated by public vote though they were first place based on judges’ decision. Maybe it is high time that the Dancing with the Stars voting system gets changed.

Anyway, Dancing with the Stars Season 11 is pacing down to its final moments with Jennifer and Derek, Kyle and Lacey, and Bristol and Mark. For week 10 of Dancing with the Stars, it is going to be freestyle and many are saying that Bristol is surely going to be axed this time. Or would she? With her gaining popularity on TV, thanks to Dancing with the Stars, you will never know until the time comes.

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Jessica Simpson is engaged too! 2

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson started dating May this year. Six months later, Jessica is showing off her ruby engagement ring which is said to be $185,000. Many are being nasty in saying that Jessica bought her ring for herself since Eric is tight these days, being jobless and all. And I guess an engagement ring not diamond ain;t that bad. Princess Diana had a sapphire engagement ring and she was engaged to a prince!

But I guess a cheaper ring is a wise choice if the couple is short on cash. The important thing is that both Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are giving themselves another shot at a possible married life.

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Bali and its beach life 2

The beach culture matches the world standard of other beaches in the world. This place has many resorts which offer perfect night life and shopping comforts. There is entertainment conducted in every hotel to popularize the place. Special clothing for beach environment is also available in these places. All kinds of surfing games conducted in the beach areas with safe and conducive environment. The place is safely guards by the local administrators for safety surfing game. The sandy beach makes you more comfort and luxury for the tourists. More over Bali is considered to be the first place which attracted many foreign tourists from all over the world.

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Trends in clothing 2

Among many models that struck during the period of 1970 were includes bell bottom pants, high waist banana jeans, Capris, Evening wear, Chemin de fer jeans, jumpsuits, army jackets, Suede jackets with fringes, and high waist jeans with glitter socks.

The teenage girls followed the style of wearing the dresses like knee length peasant shirts. This usually comes with brilliant red in color. It attracted many followers of the fashion designers. Gypsy tops with light texture materials in dark colored made much more impact on fashion of late 1970’s. The peasant skirts helped many teenagers in tackling the hot summer. Awesome dress materials like knee length peasant skirts with amazing red color and baby pink color made hot fashion in the year of 1970.

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Bali and its beach life 1

Lot of foreign tourists flock to little heaven island called Bali the city in Indonesia. When cold climate and winter sets in northern hemisphere of world, the tourists start planning their holiday program to Bali where it has excellent tropical and hot climate. The Bali has quite number of lovely beach to enjoy their holiday. The city has good number of recreational activities and beautiful sun resorts. For getting sun bath and surf games this place is adequate for the tourists.
This place is apt for seeing sun rise and sun set which makes people happy.

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Trends in clothing 1

Clothing style in older days may not be as sound and catchy as people used to be earlier days. The people who consider being modern nowadays may be addiction to some of the older styles that were followed now in the recent past.

Jeans during 1970’s

This is the period when jeans took the fashion world and made many of the women’s to wear tight jeans and tube socks style. The outcome of bikinis in much more glamour style took the course of the action.

Style of Silhouettes

Bell bottoms, muu muu style were some of the adverse style in fashion designing during the year of 1970.

Introduction of Skirts

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Art of Dyeing 2

Choice of fabric

Generally the material for selection of dye is more important criteria. If you select the cotton material then the dye will be perfect and have great look. The other natural material like linen can also be used quite effectively. Often you will find good collection of T-shirts from local shops with imprint of dyes. It is necessary to wash the garment for dyeing purpose otherwise it won’t stick dye.

Dyes used

There are specific dyes used in tie dye, primarily for cotton garments use of Procion MX is preferred. This actually dissolved in urea solution. With help of yellow, turquoise, and fuchsia colors you can make all colors with your creative thinking. Tie dye artisans have quite number of color selection which you can acquire through local DVD centre shops. It is highly recommended that material should be immersed in soda ash before dyeing.

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