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History unfolded as the Health Care bill was passed. A significant number of Americans will benefit from this legislation which will result from the health care reform, an estimated 32 Millions will have coverage due to the extension provided by the bill which also regulates the insurance industry.

It was made possible by the House Democrats approval which gave the unanimous health care vote result over the Republican opposition. The health care tally showed 219-212 vote which was the final approval by the house of representatives, Changes were adopted to the health care bill after the approval has been made by the House with the vote 220 to 211 which be passed to Senate for final vote. Several Democrats they have expressed their excitement on the impact of this legislative act which according to them will definitely change a huge part of quality of living for millions of Americans.

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Katherine Heigl – Wardrobe Malfunction

The left stap of Katherine Heigl’s dress fell off showing her left breast when she accepted her award for “Female Star of the Year, during the 2010 “ShoWest Awards”. It was a case of wardrobe malfunction for the TV Star. The host Billy Bush assisted immediately holding the strap and put it in place. Katherine Heigl was gracious enough during the incident and showed her composure even with the embarrassing situation, while accepting the award.

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Woford Falls to Wisonsin

Wofford College lost to Wisconsin University of the first round of the NCAA Tournament. Wisconsin was ahead by 8 points at the first half of the game but Wofford University shifted gears and made a stunning 12-4 run late in the game with four minutes left. However, Wisconsin was too strong with there defense and eventually, Wofford University succumb to defeat. Trevon Hughes led the Badgers with19 points for Wisconsin, including 12 of the Wisconsin’s first 21 points. Wisonsin Forward Jon Leuer, who played 40 minutes, scored 20 points, including a jumper and two free throws in the final 17 seconds,

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Michelle bombshell McGee, Jesse James, Michelle McGee

Sandra Bullock, Jesse James Split

Latest news about Michelle bombshell McGee, Jesse James, Michelle McGee, Jesse James affair, in touch magazine.

Academy Award winner, Sandra Bullock moved out of her home in Los Angeles who she shared with her husband Jesse James for 5 years. Sandra Bullock was Jesse James’ 3rd marriage he James has 3 children, a daughter and a son from his first wife Karla and a daughter from his second wife Janine. Jesse and Sandra have had no children ever since their 5 year marriage.

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Saint Patrick, St. Patrick, St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day

March 17 461 AD the day Saint Patrick of Ireland died is celebrated by all people of Irish descent until today. It is a celebration that has been continued since the 1600s. This day is dedicated to the patron saint of Ireland, a priest who made a great impact on the spreading of Christianity across Ireland. St. Patrick’s life showed perseverance and determination during harsh times as he traveled from Ireland to England when he studied there as a priest then back to the coast of Ireland where he started his mission in spreading Christianity.St. Patrick's Day

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ncaa bracket, ncaa bracket predictions, ncaa tournament bracket

Kansas, #1 Seed Overall for NCAA 2010 March Madness

With the 2010 NCAA Men’s basketball bracket released, the Kansas Jayhawks are on top with a 32-2 standing overall. Jayhawks Sherron Collins averaging 15.6 pts and 4.4 assists leads them on offense and Cole Aldrich 9.9 rebounds and 3.5 blocks per game on the defensive end. Will the Jayhawks be able to maintain their spot as the tournament moves on with the Big 12? We’re gonna have to wait and see since they face very tough opposition early and even later in the tournament.

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Information about tie dye

For the upcoming young generations there are many fashion dresses found in the market outlet. In order to attract the teenage community many fashion designs encrypted in the dress materials by form of patterns. These patterns are made out of tie dye. This tie dye will give several colors which attract youngsters. There are many process like crumpling, pleating and folding practiced to form new designs and patterns.

The tie dye is applicable to natural fabrics like cotton garments or rayon clothing. The tie dye will not be applicable to synthetic material. In today’s fashion world cotton tee shirts are most adorable one. The fashion community wears different shades of cotton tee shirts where you can entertain maximum number of color combination in the tee shirts. The tie dye is also applicable to silk scarves, bed sheets, blouses skirts and pants.

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Kaftan is Back: Classic and Stylish

Kaftans were once looked upon as fashion faux pas and nobody wanted to be caught dead wearing one. It’s actually one of those things that can make a laughing stock out of you if you’re ever seen in it.

However, it seems that women then had more taste than women of the following generation because the Kaftan has now returned with a vengeance. This time, it has found its way into the fashion scene.

Kaftan Revived

Kaftans came back some time in 2001 and they haven’t left since. They are what designers deem as the sarong’s better replacement. While sarongs are usually straight cut and do not accentuate a woman’s curves, kaftans do more than just show off a woman’s sexy curves; they show off the sexy silhouette of the female form.

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CZ and Silver – Fashion Alternative

Everybody loves jewelry. It is an important fashion accessory that helps us become more elegant and appealing. It serves an aesthetic purpose in our social lives that symbolizes a number of things, most especially money and power. It can indicate success and status, present elegance and beauty. It also adds sparkle to our social lives. Unfortunately, with the scarcity of precious stones today, jewelry has become a privilege and luxury for the few.

It can even be considered as an investment because of its worth, figuratively. Most people would rather spend their money on things that they need and are practical rather than splurge on a single diamond. It can also be dangerous as it attracts the eyes of thieves who know jewelry as much as the storeowner does. It is impossible for an average person to buy a good-sized diamond without spending a lot of money. We can only get a glimpse of these expensive diamonds on the finger of engaged and married celebrities.

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Beads from Bali

Bali is not just a destination spot but it also houses some of the most famous artisans in the world when it comes to producing world class fashion jewelry. The art of crafting these beads have been passed down from generation to generation along with its secrets that separate it from the rest of the fashion accessories available today in the market.

What are beads anyway?

Beads are one of the most famous jewelry accessories today. They come in different shapes, sizes and designs. They are different based on what, how and where they are made. Western and Asian countries have their own way of making beads to make them unique. Beads are made of different components and are inspired by different themes. Some are made of crystals while others have tribal designs.

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