Nymphs in Caftans

Caftans sneaked into the market and made its way into the hearts of women across the globe.

By making their way into the stall owned by Reem Alasadi on the Portobello Road market in London, the enchanting caftans grabbed the women’s eyes and made it seem like a must-have for a trendy lady. These caftans come in all sizes and colors to suit any age and social standing.

Why Caftan?

This piece of clothing is a full-length garment with long sleeves. Other versions sport it as a loose, brightly colored waist-length or ankle-length tunic.

There are many ways to wear this marvelous piece of clothing. Paired with bikini tops, it provides an excellent cover for the wearer, which instantly transforms it to beachwear. It also protects the person from blisters and the killer skin cancer. Worn over jeans, it gives off the aura that the wearer is a Jill-of-all-Trade. Worn alone with a belt clinched around the middle portion and boots makes the woman look sophisticated. Worn with a miniskirt, the caftans give off the illusion that the lady is ready for anything. Some caftans are even worn as evening dresses.

Made from chiffon, linen or charmeuse, some caftans are even embroidered. It comes in many designs and colors. With beautiful designs such as floral and abstract, it gives off a magical effect when paired with lucent blend.

A Girl’s Best Friend

If dogs are men’s best friend, then caftans certainly fit the bill for women. Easy to wear and to pair with other kinds of clothing to produce an outstanding effect, it transforms any lady from a beggar to a princess.

Caftans are alluring, stunning and marvelous dresses which could be worn in almost all occasions. If you need to go for a swim, use it as a cover up. Wear it above pants or minis, and be the ideal empowered woman everybody looks up to. Or dress your caftan with sleek silhouette, plunging neckline, flared sleeves, silver jewelry, and a handbag and then off to an enchanted evening you go.

It all comes down to one thing – your self-esteem. If you think you look beautiful, you’ll feel beautiful, and then you’ll really look beautiful. Wear your caftan with confidence and see where it leads you. After all, with beauty, everything’s within easy reach. But if you combine your inner beauty with the beauty of caftan, then nothing is impossible with a lady who’s after claiming her heart’s desires.

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