New Gen Beachwear

Beachwear is essential especially in the summer. However, you can’t walk around town in your two-piece string bikini. Even if you live in the Emerald Coast, you’re still supposed to have something on to cover your swim wear. You can wear a super sheer, gossamer-thin wrap if you want. It doesn’t matter what you use for a beach wrap as long as you do wear one.

Beachwear’s Evolution

Beachwear used to be synonymous with bathing suits and swimming trunks. You only wear your swim suit at the beach. You don’t prance around the hotel lobby wearing it, and you don’t window shop in it. Heck, you’re not even supposed to cross the street in it. What you’re supposed to do is go to the beach, get into your bathing costume, swim, get dressed, and go home.

However, with the continued development of waterfront and beachfront property, people are now getting used to much more casual outfits. Hollywood also plays a part in it as fashion standards are veering towards the skimpy style; the shorter, the better is apparently the current motto.

Thus, women can now go away with wearing their bikini top as long as they’re wearing a skirt with it. They can also now go around in a sheer beach wrap that clearly reveals the thong bikinis underneath; the beach wrap gives the outfit a semblance of “respectability” that would at least pacify those who are protesting the “continued downward slide of moral standards.”

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Oh well, mine is not to judge or question whether skimpier is truly better or if it does indicate moral breakdown. What is relevant to the current discussion is the fact that due to the abovementioned developments (and some more that I have not mentioned), the term beachwear no longer refers exclusively to bathing suits and swimming trunks. Beachwear has become a veritable catch-all term that denotes anything worn for a day out in the beach. It can even be used to denote casual, summer clothes.

Beachwear Now

Beachwear now encompasses ordinary casual clothing. Shorts and a tank top is the usual outfit. For a more exotic look, sarong wraps and kaftans are preferred. Crochet wraps give off an air of mystery. Wearing crochets is like playing peek-a-boo. You know what I mean, don’t you? Now you see it, now you don’t!

Men have it easier. They usually wear board shorts, cut-off jeans or beach shorts paired with their sleeveless cotton top or Hawaiian shirt. Men usually go around topless in beaches, too.

Beachwear now also includes a full complement of fashion accessories. For instance, colorful beads and crystals make perfect accessories to a tank top and sarong wrap-around skirt combo. Crochet wraps covering brief bikinis or tankinis go well with silver hoop earrings and silver bangles. Flip flops and thong sandals complete the look.

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