Duke beats Butler, Captures 2010 NCAA Championship

Internet blog sites would tell you otherwise. Before the much anticipated 2010 NCAA Finals game between Duke and Butler critics and sports fan on almost every blog site predicted a Butler victory, what with the Bulldog’s convincing and hard fought win against Michigan State in the Final Four, earning them a shot at the 2010 NCAA title. Everybody was pointing fingers at Duke for having a better and much talented roster, equally talented bench players and the best coach in the business in Mike Krzyzeweski, and all those are for a good reason. On April 5, 2010 Duke beats Butler and is Duke University’s 4th title to date.
Indianapolis, Indiana played host to the 2010 NCAA Championship which was held at the Lucas Oil Stadium filled with fans and basketball aficionados everywhere. Amidst dark skies and tornado warnings in Indiana, Butler’s head coach Brad Steven heads to the finals boasting a 25 game winning-streak, the longest in the nation, and with momentum on their side after the close win against Michigan State in the NCAA Final Four.
After a hard fought contest Butler bowed down to Duke to the score of 59-61, holding true to critics’ prediction that if Duke manages to score more than 60 points against Butler then they could say hello to their 4th NCAA title. And they did. The Blue Devils fought hard and took the title. Under head coach Mike Krzyzeweski the tenacity was evident on the hard court, even overwhelming the Bulldog’s defense on some occasions. Dukes big three: Jon Scheyer, Nolan Smith and Kyle Singler all contributed for the win, in what was regarded by many sports fans as probably the most anticipated finals game in the history of the NCAA. Duke is on top again. Sorry, Bulldogs. Better luck next year.

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