Indonesia is a country with mixture of culture and socio entity, many tourists all around the world visits the country and experience the mixed culture. Several islands like Sumatra, Java and Bali are famous for their traditional Indonesia music.


Gamelan is one of the quality Indonesia music. It is otherwise called as Indonesia orchestra. Gamelan was originated by Javanese king in the late third century and music recited in the royal court of king palace. Metallo phone, drum, gongs, ketuk, kenong and kempu are some of the musical tools that were used in reciting Gamelan. The gong ageng is regarded as soul of Gamelan music.

In the Gamelan music the metallophone recited from the front, while gongs are recited from the back of orchestra. The Gamelan orchestra plays an important role in the dances and dramas. It is famous in the regions of Central Java and West Java. Gongs are not used in West Java region while playing Gamelan music.

Tembang Sunda.

It is otherwise called a cianjurian. Generally the musical tools that comprise the tembang sunda are suling or bamboo flute, rebab kecapi. Tembang sunda is quite familiar in countries like China & Malaysia. R.A.A Kusumahrigrat the king of cianjur during mid nineteenth century was regarded as one of the reputed music composer in tembang sunda.


It is considered as one of the folk during the late 16th century. This was originated when Portuguese introduced the music with help of European musical tools. This music is called or termed as kroncong due to the music tool kroncong which is of guitar kind. The kroncong was much more developed with usage of more innovative music tools like electric guitars and keyboards, Bengawan song is most fame song recited with help of kroncong music.


Among various kinds of Indonesia music, angklung traditional music is hot favorite of the Indonesian people. This popular music is recited with music tools which are craved from bamboo material. The two bamboo sticks with varied sizes used in reciting the angklung music. It is also recited in orchestration program. This bamboo instrument is well moved up and down inside to create sound.

It is also regarded as most familiar music in Indonesia with variety of songs one can sooth his heart by excellent melody recital. For creating and reciting this music, the tools are completely constructed from the bamboo material.

Indonesian music also include various list of music like dangdut which is regarded as dance music, osinger termed as wedding music and Gambus termed as orchestra music.

The music lovers whoever drop in Indonesia will experience the quality of traditional music. Many of the foreign tourists who spend leisure time in sea beach resorts would like to recite much traditional Indonesia music. The Indonesia music also got world recognition by repeated foreign tourists who campaign the traditional Indonesia music to the world.

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