Moscow would never be the same again. Amidst this mornings rush hour bombings that, in total, killed 39 people and left 65 injured, the first explosion at Lubyanka station in Central Moscow at 8am (0400 GMT) claimed 24 lives. Motives are quite unclear at the moment, but consider the fact that Russia’s FSB (Federal Security Service) as well as the Kremlin is located above the ill-fated Lubyanka station.
This was followed by a second explosion at Park Kultury station (near Gorky Park) that claimed 12 more innocent lives. Women suicide bombers of Chechen origin are believed to be behind these explosions in Moscow. Russian President Dimitri Medvedeb condemned the terrorist attacks and pledged a nationwide security crackdown on public transports.
Sources described the suicide bombers were wearing belts that contained the explosive device and set to detonate once the trains are stopped at the station to increase the body count. The explosion at Park Kultury station happened 40minutes after the first blast in Lubyanka station, both stations being located at Moscow’s underground line, or line one.
Not long after the series of explosions at Moscow, Chechen terrorists reportedly claimed responsibility for the blast though this could not be verified at the moment. It should be remembered that Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov stated on Feb 15 that a new wave of terror attacks will be launched against Russia. Visit link for details about Umarovs statement.
The Moscow subway transports an estimated 7 million people daily, making it one of the busiest subways in the world. The explosions in Lubyanka and Kultury station serve as a reminder that the war between Russia and neighboring Chechnya is far from over. It should be remembered that the last reported terrorist attack in Moscow was in August 2004 when a suicide bomber blew herself up (yes, it was a woman too) outside a train station and reportedly killed 10 people.

-My heart goes out to the victims of the Moscow train station bombing.-

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