Home Run Derby: The Redemption of Papi 2

David Ortiz wiping out Hanley Ramirez raised some people’s curiousness if the former was still into performance enhancing substance. We could recall that David Ortiz was one among many that tested positive for steroids in 2009. And the performance he showed beating Hanley Ramirez who only garnered not even half of his scores did raise many eyebrows.

But, everyone was there to have fun. And Big Papi David Ortiz sure knows how to make his fans happy. David Ortiz was consistent all the way up to the last round, hitting those balls far, far and away! And did you know that David Ortiz was mentor to Hanley Ramirez when the latter was with Red Sox? This added twists and turns made the Home Run Derby ever more exciting.

We owe to be happy for Papi David Ortiz. He had rough times these past few years and some commentators even say that it is the end of the line for David Ortiz.

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