Sandra Bullock, Jesse James Split

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Academy Award winner, Sandra Bullock moved out of her home in Los Angeles who she shared with her husband Jesse James for 5 years. Sandra Bullock was Jesse James’ 3rd marriage he James has 3 children, a daughter and a son from his first wife Karla and a daughter from his second wife Janine. Jesse and Sandra have had no children ever since their 5 year marriage.

The split with Jesse James has had some effect on Bullocks business plans for her recent movie Blind Side as she was supposedly scheduled for a trip to London to support the movie but made statements that it was cancelled due to unforeseen personal reasons. Sandra has been quiet about the affair and made no statements regarding Michelle “Bombshell” Mcgee whom Jesse James had an affair with.

Jesse James is known for the Discovery Channel documentary, Motorcycle Mania and reality show Monster Garage that followed just right after the documentary was a success. He also appeared in reality TV shows Celebrity Apprentice and Spike TV. The affair with Mcgee started last year2009 and continued up to early this year. It was only this month that news where heard about the affair.
It was in Los Angeles that Reality TV star Jesse James started the affair with tatoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee. McGgee, a mother of two, said she was given the impression that James was separated. Michelle Mcgee’s affair with Jesse James lasted 11 months. Michelle, who calls herself “bombshell”, was a country girl who grew up with a conservative background. She is currently working as an erotic performer and a tattoo model. She says the tattoos do not have any meaning and they are only for fun. Mcgee also has made no comments about the news regarding Sandra Bullock marriage breakup with Jesse James.

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