Stretching is termed as gauging. It is the method of raising the size of a piercing hole or fistula. Many of them do it as cultural and ritual activities while some do it for purely adornment. There are different methods in stretching namely tapering, weight, tapered classes and talons, scalpelling, taping and dermal punch. Heating and massaging with application of olive oil is the old technique generally used wide commonly all around the world. In order to get good blood circulation olive oil massaging is the best method, which in turn reduces the damage of skin tissues. Clarly Wickells has reported that best way to stretch a piercing is slow and gradual type where gauging up process done.

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In the process of stretching you can’t retain back your original size. The 2 gauge stretch has been termed as point of no return. In this case you won’t retain the original size back. If this stretching process done for few more years then it will set naturally and cant shrink back.

Necessary care and safety measures should be taken while undergoing the stretching process because there is every chance of experiencing blow out. This blow out occur when you stretch early and fistula not completely healed up. Bleeding and soreness are other ill effects occur. Sea salt soaks should be kept as remedial steps for curing the infection and soothing the soreness.

While undergoing process of healing care must be taken of avoiding the ornaments like silver, gold, organic, plastic, glass or bone jewelry. If you wear these ornaments then it will enhance the irritation and sometimes result in infection of unhealed piercing. It is always recommended that surgical grade stainless steel, niobium or titanium is used for heating process. It is better that to avoid wearing plugs, since by wearing plugs it cause numerous problems. The plugs even suffocate the piercing. Even though wearing a plug with no o-ring option is also dangerous of causing ill-effects.

Many people are interested in taking up stretch in successive days. It is harmful procedure if you undergo the stretching practice immediately after one stretch. One should allow the process of healing otherwise it will bring down detrimental effect. Generally people gauge up from 18 to 12. The best recommendation gauging up will be from 16 to 14. Several people involve in stretching process in order to bring down dormant primitive gene with many speculation involved in it. The modern world people perform for purely adornment purpose. So far now people who take up stretching process should remember in taking olive oil massaging, not wearing ornaments, care and healing, gap between each stretching and at last the patience of getting required sizes.
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