Meg Whitman and Her Illegal Maid Scandal 2

Meg Whitman is being alleged that she knew the illegal status of our chica Nicky. Meg supposedly received an SSS no-match letter but did not do anything about it and ignored the warning. And when Meg decided to run for office, she became certain that having an illegal immigrant on her payroll would be a liability on her campaign. And so Meg fired Nicky.

Ofcourse Meg vehemently denied allegations saying she never knew the illegal status of Nicky. But, are we buying this? She didn’t know despite the no-match letter? Nonetheless, to be employed for nine years is such a pretty long stretch not to be able to know important stuff about your employees. Could it be that Nicky might just be milking her previous employer?

Anyway, in the end it is all about the fight for the Latino votes. Would they vote for Meg Whitman for atleast giving a chance to their own kind a decent job for almost a decade? Or voting against her and buy what Gloria Allred is selling? Does Jerry Brown become a better candidate afterall, not considering he almost took California to the ground years ago?

California, you decide.

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