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Maurice Strong has been the forerunner in the global warming campaign, probably the next most popular personality around the world after Al Gore. However, Maurice Strong conspiracy and prominent political status to date and the recent unveiling of the Senate Climate Change Bill put him on top of the popularity rating game. Not to mention the bombarding exposure attacks he obtained from people who want to make a conspiracy angle from the bill issue.

Anyway, Mr Strong, with his brood of vipers, is particularly interested (aside from world dominance) in the increase in the greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollutions of “countries (who) led the world in economic growth of which the risks to climate were unintended consequences,” particularly China. And they don’t want America to be like China who contributes 1/5 of the total gas emission, and so the Climate Change bill. Frankly, and I am saying this with a loving passion on the matter, economic growth cannot be the cause of global warming but the lack of it will kill us even before global warming does.

When we decrease or “put a cap” on the production of energy, we increase its demand and eventually its costs. Now, the sad part of it is that, it’s only the rich who could ultimately afford it. What will happen to the poor? They won’t be able to afford heat during the winter; they won’t be able to afford gas for their stove or petrol for their cars. President Obama knows it and said “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, the electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.”

Necessarily? And? We had to ask, “So what are you going to do about it? What is America going to do about it?” If this becomes global (world domination on the offing??) just think big picture and this is what you get: only the rich people in rich countries could ultimately afford energy: the annihilation of mankind. I wonder how Mr Strong sleeps at night.

I hope this Climate Change bill or simply put America’s Power Act also considers how the government would support the poor eventually. Mr Strong is quite hopeful that this is going to build a better world for all of us. Yeah? And when you’re finish building this better world, just call us from our caves in the jungle where we will be staying in the meantime.

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