MATT ROLOFF: Alive and Well 1

Love the show, love the guy, and love the whole Rollof bunch. But that trick ending the fifth season of Little People, Big World where Matt Roloff appeared to suffer from a heart attack wasn’t funny. It is not even near the perimeters of funny. I mean, thank God Matt Roloff was okay and it was just a case of vertigo but, come on, does the show really needed to be so inconsiderate of the fans? We all found out that Matt Roloff death is just drama –and I thought that this is a reality TV show: a reality show with a fake a heart attack drama scene.

Although Matt Roloff collapsing is real, he is very much alive and only fell due to dizziness. Be as it may, I am just wondering is there really a need to post such drama? The show is doing just fine, a sixth season is in the offing, Matt Roloff is one of the most successful men on TV, a businessman, author and a savoir-faire computer programmer so, how is it that there is a need to use this cheap trick?

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