Magnets in Jewelry

In the olden times, jewelry, especially some precious stones, is said to give some sort of healing powers or it can be an ornament for good luck charm. Some jewelry has always been accompanied by superstitious belief. Gems and precious stones have also been related to the society’s beliefs. An unmarried woman, it was said, should not wear pearls. It would bring only bad luck and misfortune to the bearer. On the other hand, gemstones or an emerald possess power that brings good health to its bearer. Other stones are also believed to bring about good luck in their love lives.

Hematite Jewelry

Today, good health is said to be enhanced by magnetic jewelries. Hematite jewelry is a type of jewelry that makes use of magnets. With the help of these magnets, body pain is easily lessened. If the body pain is mild, then the effect of the hematite jewelry is much faster. It is said that the magnets acts like a sponge that absorbs the body pain.

Hematite jewelry is also used for other reasons. It is also an exquisitely-designed accessory, sometimes with beads, that doesn’t only showcase its beauty but also brings about a desired mood. The beads are also colored for the purpose of color therapy. Each color is associated with different purposes. For example, pink beaded necklaces are associated with love, while blue is associated with peace and tranquility.

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This jewelry is said to have the ability to bring tranquility and relaxation to the wearer, too. It is also said to enhance the bearer’s other emotions as well, such as the feeling of being in love or just being plain happy.

Magnet Technology

Using magnets to relieve pain might not be too convincing for everybody. This technology has not been medically proven nor was it tested. However, hematite jewelry is now more and more becoming popular in the market.

Magnets are not only found in jewelry. They are also found in patches that are placed on the surface of the skin to relieve the person of pain. Some other massaging equipments use magnets for the same purpose. It is believed that the power of the magnet will penetrate deeper to the muscle to relax and energize them.

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Hematite jewelry may be considered as an alternative to herbal tea or body massages to relieve stress. Instead of taking another pill to relieve stress and ease body pain, try using hematite jewelry. Hematite jewelry might just be the solution you are looking for.

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