Lorenzen Wright: Faced a Violent Death.

I am not an avowed sports fan. But that is not to mean that people like me and non-practicing sports fan alike can not moved by the news of NBA’s Lorenzen Wright’s death. And truly, the way they found Lorenzen Wright dead with multiple gunshot wounds is but heartbreaking. Considering Lorenzen Wright has mouths to feed and children to shelter. Lorenzen Wright left behind six kids.

From what this writer reads and hear, Lorenzen Wright was a good natured man. Lorenzen Wright was loved by the folks from his hometown Mississippi. A philanthropist in his own right, Lorenzen Wright founded a scholarship fund, the Sierra Simone Wright Scholarship Fund. Not to mention that he was one of the financial givers for an orphan in Mississippi. Lorenzen Wright, who was nicknamed Ren, was also much loved by his team-mates. As such, friends from the basketball world are still in shock upon learning about Lorenzen Wright’s death. And most especially, Lorenzen Wright was loved by his kids. Team-mates recall that he will always bring his kids to practice, each one wearing their Daddy’s jersey.

So, who would want to hurt someone who, friends will describe as finesse, emotional, generous and kind? Lorenzen Wright mother said that he might be carrying with him a large sum of money when he disappeared. Could this be robbery gone wrong? But why multiple shots? News says he was shot to death meaning the assassin kept on firing until the culprit was sure that Lorenzen Wright was sure lifeless.

A violent death such as this is truly appalling. We must learn from such deaths that we are living in a dangerous world that keeps getting worse and worse. Thus, it only strengthens my belief that men did not come from animals. We are men turning into animals.

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