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I am thorn when it comes to giving more importance to conserving the environment, protecting the endangered than catering to human beings. I am a bit of a sceptic when it comes to the evolution theory.

Now, where am I going with these? Galapagos Islands. Galapagos Island is home to the most famous tortoise on earth, Lonesome George. Lonesome George is the only remaining of its kind, the Pinta Island tortoise. Along with Lonesome George, there are many endangered and interesting animals and plants living in Galapagos Island; sea lions, mockingbirds, penguins and so much more. The place is a haven for nature trippers and soon enough, became a famous tourist destination.

Now, this is my problem. Because of extinction that the endangered species faces in the Galapagos Island, management of the Charles Darwin Research Station minimized the locals’ activities in the area. Fishing is controlled and quarries were totally banned. Fishermen are not allowed to sell their merchandise to foreign buyers and can only transact business with Galapagos Island residents. Because tourism business is picking up, some locals had left their native trade of fishing and farming to cater to tourists. These are some of the direct effects in preserving marine and land species and plants at Galapagos Island.

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