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Though Bali is not a temple town there are few temples which dates back to centuries and have been a must visit place while on a tourist trip most of the temples are garden temples which personify the Bali culture
The Visit to Bali by a tourist is not complete without a visit to Pura Kehen. This age old temple which is the second largest temple in Balidates back to the 11th century and was founded by Sri Brahama Kemuti Ketu and is considered the most sacred in the region. This garden temple is on the outskirts of Banbli town in East Bali. A visit to this temple is mind boggling. The temple rises steeply as a glandular structure from the edge of the road from the foot of a hill. The temple has a split gateway called candi bentar at the top of the steps. Though there are two entrances only one is in use by the visitors. Though there are many other garden temples in Bali few such as Pura Besakih, Pura Luhur Ulu Watu and Pura Taman Ayun are regularly visited.The best being Pura Kehen.
This magnificent of Pura Kehen has three sections staked one over the other. The first level is the oldest part and the historical lontar and prastasis are found in this level. Kala-makara is the demons carved on the striking closed gateway also called pamedal agung whose main job is to keep the malevolent spirits from entering the sacred ground beyond the gateway. Old waringan tree is found in the courtyard and has the kuklul drum preached on it. What is amazing is that walls of the court yard are inserted with Chinese porcelain plates, albeit chipped. The inner sanctuary, houses the shrine with 11 tapering meru roofs which is the resting place for the mountain gods. The famous Balinese stone carving of the three throned Hindu trinity called the padmasana is situated to the right. The whole structure looks magnificent with Balinese carving seen throughout the magnificent temple.

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