Lil Wayne Out from Jail 1

Lil Wayne stepped out of New York City’s Rikers Island which was his home for eight months. That’s right, Lil Wayne is out of jail and his fans cannot be happier. Though he wasn’t exactly on a holiday, Lil Wayne seems to look okay. Even dining and wining as we speak.

Best selling, award winning Lil Wayne who seems to have everything including a criminal record is out ready and planning to work at once. Well, that is ofcourse after a reunion with family and friends –not drinking purple drank, chipping on cocaine and being clouded in smoke –before inking another record deal.

This is just to hope that Lil Wayne would consider his actions for once and think about the young ones and fans that follow him. Especially that he is out on three-year probation. This would be an opt timing to do more than community service.

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