Learn Different Techniques in Tying a Sarong

Sarongs are very popular especially during summer seasons because you can wear it in almost all occasions. It goes with almost everything, and with the proper accessories, you could transform your look from a tired housewife to a fabulous hip chick.

The problem of most people for using the sarong is how to tie it. There are twenty and more techniques available on the internet. Just type the keyword in any search engine and off you go to find ways on how to wear your beautiful sarong. Here are some tips on how to tie a sarong and its other uses as well.

As Clothing

Long sarongs could be transformed into a gown. Secure it with a gold brooch along the breast side and then further accent it with dangling gold earrings and gold bangles.

For swimming, simply put your sarong over your waist and you immediately have a beach cover up. It could also double as a skirt! This way, you could walk along the coast in your sarong, protecting your legs from the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun. You could be both sexy and protected.

Many people love using it as tops. Put on the sarong, tie the edges behind your neck, then simply layer the other fabrics to create a new look. You could also secure it with a belt, put on your shorts or miniskirt, and you are ready for a walk into town.

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When you are cold, place the sarong behind you, grasp the ends and tie it on your shoulders, and you instantly have a shawl or jacket.

As Accessories

Because of its colorful and beautiful designs, the possibilities when it comes to sarongs are endless. You could hoist it up on a wall to accent a rather drab side of the house. You can place it as a tablecloth in the center of your table and scatter fresh flowers on top to give the house a fresh and fragrant smell.

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When you have unexpected elite guests and you have no bedding suitable for royalty, quickly tie a few sarongs together to fit the bed. That way, they would be entertained with their colorful, soft and warm bed sheet that is almost guaranteed that they have never seen before. The tie-dyed patterns will also keep children entertained as children love tracing patterns with their fingers before sleeping. The adults will marvel at your knack for creating beautiful pieces out of nothing.

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