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Crochet is an interesting art and it is not restricted to the ones who have less mobility, like grannies and the bitter spinsters. Crochet is for everyone who is creative and trend setters.
One needs to have patience and sit for a long time to complete the work. it is not an instant work. Learning crochet is not a big issue, when you are interested.
The things you need to make crochet material is a good crochet hook, yarns, measuring tapes to measure, yarn needle, few pins, and a determination and persistent work to complete the project.
Here come some few basic tips to be followed to learn crochet easily.
Holding the yarn
Although they become experts in practice, to get aware of the tips involved in it need not be over looked.
1. You should hold the yarn in such a way that the yarn passes through your fingers. Wondering which finger it should pass – the little finger, and then beneath the ring finger, then again above the fore finger and the middle finger.
2. One easier way is to hold the yarn is making a loop in the region of the little finger and it should cross the forefinger.
3. The holding of the hook also makes a wonder on your crochet. You should hold it like a pencil or a spoon. And this is the exact position to be held. In this position, it will be easy for you to heave the yarn from your fingers down to the loop in the hook.

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