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Clothing style in older days may not be as sound and catchy as people used to be earlier days. The people who consider being modern nowadays may be addiction to some of the older styles that were followed now in the recent past.

Jeans during 1970’s

This is the period when jeans took the fashion world and made many of the women’s to wear tight jeans and tube socks style. The outcome of bikinis in much more glamour style took the course of the action.

Style of Silhouettes

Bell bottoms, muu muu style were some of the adverse style in fashion designing during the year of 1970.

Introduction of Skirts

The period of 1970 saw the introduction of many dresses like mini skirts, maxi dresses, eveningwear, empire dresses, Angel flight suits and designed sleeve dresses. The people who are in older stages got many option of wearing the evening wear dresses. The dresses were so comfortable that it allowed the reduction of tightness and many of them liked it. For men’s they had a chance of wearing the shirts which of satin material with style of having big sized collars. Moreover the hippies all around the world practiced to wear the kaftans, kimonos and muu muu’s freely made dresses which made so familiar in that period. The fashion trends in late 70’s comprised of the dresses which elaborated the comfort ness of being free ness in the body and was so lighter to wear the dresses.

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