King V.S. His Queen

CNN talk show host Larry King, who is host of the nightly series Larry King Live, is breaking up with his wife of thirteen years, Shawn Southwick. The filed court papers cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. Southwick and King have two young sons, aged 11 and 9.
Larry King’s lawyer was quoted as saying hopes were high to “keep this divorce amicable”.
This is the eighth time that the CNN personality has filed for divorce. The 76-year old was twice married and divorced from his ex-wife Alene Atkins.
Shawn Southwick is after spousal support, sole custody of their children, and sole ownership of their homes in Beverly Hills, California, as well as two properties in the state of Utah, as court records indicate. King is seeking joint custody of their children and has requested that the courts not allow for spousal support. Additionally, King has called for a contract allowing for the transfer of their joint property to be invalidated.
“His major concern is the welfare of his children,” said King’s spokesman Howard Rubenstein.
Those with knowledge of the divorce proceedings cite King’s alleged infidelity as the reason for the breakup. Sources point to his alleged affair with Southwick’s sister, Shannon Engemann, which has reportedly been on-going for more than five years. The dalliance was uncovered by Southwick after checking his Visa statement and she read the list of gifts purchased by her husband, which included diamond rings from Cartier and a $160,000 car. The bills were said to have been paid by Larry’s business manager.
There have also been reports of the couple fighting, including physical assault between the two. Reports allege that the couple were seen punching one another outside of a venue a year and a half ago.
Stay tuned for further coverage.

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