Lady Gaga Did It Again! 1

Lady Gaga dons a new meaning to the phrase “put a little meat on, honey.”

But definitely, we are not just talking about a little meat here. Lady Gaga’s meat dress is made from 50 lb steak, said designer Franc Fernandez. Now, outrageous doesn’t seem to fit anymore.

People are now talking more about Lady Gaga’s meat dress more than her eight VMA win. I mean, how could you not talk about it? We can only imagine how it smells. And if you will be sitting next to her for those many hours, how can one stand it? How did Lady Gaga pass those darn sniffing dogs? Ha-ha. What did she put inside her purse, lipstick? And while sitting down, the meat juice didn’t bother her at all? I mean when under those lights the meat was not in proper storage temperature and the meat dress must’ve been over thawed by then or at least disintegrating of some sort.

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