Lady Gaga Did It Again! 1

And poor Cher, she had to hold Lady Gaga’s meat purse while Lady Gaga was receiving her award. But, according to Cher’s twits, she gets it! Calling Lady Gaga’s meat dress amazing. Nope, Cher didn’t take offence nor think it was disrespectful for someone to ask her to hold a slab of raw meat in the middle of the stage.

Some say its fake but then again, fake wouldn’t make PETA that upset. Not that I care one iota of PETA who thinks animal life is more important than humans, that is not the point.

So, knowing that Lady Gaga tries to outdo her outfit, this writer wonders what would be in her closet the next time. The possibilities are limitless; take it from Lady Gaga… She could make an outfit from garbage bags which would make an exact statement for the trash that she is, really. Well, anyway, I am sure Lady Gaga has her own staff to think for her. Her role is to pose as an artist.

Okay, I need to barf now.

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