Attractive Kuta part 1

Kuta was the first town of Bali to become Indonesia’s major tourist attraction. Though formerly a fishing village it grew to a status of beach resort. It is internationally known to have long sandy beaches with a verity of accommodations. The place has many restaurants and bars and has the Ngurah Rai airport to connect tourist.
The development started in the early 70’s with adventurous travelers frequenting the beaches which had a perfect cost line. Earlier there were not many comforts for tourist. Fish and fruits were the major pert of diet with not much of cooking oil coconut oil was the main media for cooking which gave the food less tasty. Pork fat though not healthy was another medium of cooking.
The most successful among the few enterprising people were Made’s Warnng (Jl.Pintai Kuta) and Poppies Restaurant (off of Poppies I), they are still in the restaurant business serving the growing tourist market. TJ’s (Poppies I) owner Jean who started with a vegetarian restaurant and moved on to Mexican food in 1984 is still among the long time favorite.

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