Katherine Heigl – Wardrobe Malfunction

The left stap of Katherine Heigl’s dress fell off showing her left breast when she accepted her award for “Female Star of the Year, during the 2010 “ShoWest Awards”. It was a case of wardrobe malfunction for the TV Star. The host Billy Bush assisted immediately holding the strap and put it in place. Katherine Heigl was gracious enough during the incident and showed her composure even with the embarrassing situation, while accepting the award.

TV star Katherine Heigl said that she did notice something popped during the interview prior to the awarding ceremony. She did not realize that it was the left strap that eventually caused the wardrobe malfunction. She regrets neglecting it and not bothering to check when she noticed something with her dress. The audience did not have any wild reactions during the incident as it happened so fast and the host was very quick to provide his assistance to Katherine Heigl. For most people these types of incidents have happened to many celebrities already in the past so it is an incident that is not really that serous.

Still, the news of the wardrobe malfunction spread so fast that it suddenly became a hot topic online. Videos of the wardrobe malfunction are shown in youtube and other websites over the internet. It may even be advantageous as it has brought more publicity to the TV Star. The TV star has not stated any complaints or has indicated who specifically designed her dress or where she had it made.

The incident may have been a little embarrassing but the fans have become even more supportive to Katherine Heigl as she gracefully accepted this year’s Female Star of the Year award. TV Celebrity Katherine Heigl is star of the hit TV series Grey’s Anatomy.

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