Kanye West and Taylor Swift Total Recall 1

People are still talking about the latest happenings at the VMA. The Lady Gaga outfit and Kanye West/ Taylor Swift incident last year and this year’s reunion. We heard that originally, Kanye West was hooked up to sing with Taylor. She turned it down.

Last year, Kanye West did his own attention grabbing stunt at the VMA when he took the mic from the lovely darling Taylor Swift and express his opinion why Taylor Swift should not be the winner.

And so, a year later, the incident was still hot and the anticipation of the two meeting again is nervous-wrecking. As it was, Taylor Swift was just as a nervous wreck when she performed at the VMA. Why wouldn’t she, she knew that Kanye West was in the same venue, plus, she was singing a song in reference to the ‘enemy’ and the incident that transpired a year ago.

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