Kanye West and Taylor Swift Total Recall 2

Truly sorry for what he did last year, Kanye West was well behaved during Taylor Swifts’ performance; no mic grabbing, no protests whatsoever, even if Taylor stab Kanye West with her song. Audience, me included were actually waiting for Kanye West to react but then again, maybe he indeed learned his lessons.

From what we heard, Kanye West’s career took a dive after the incident last year; sales records dropped and he almost lost his job. Don’t we remember that during the BET awards Kanye West broke down to tears while singing ‘Man in the Mirror’ maybe because of self-pity and regret or maybe a little bit of both.

Kanye West performing ‘Runaway’ at the VMA for me was a bit too deserving. Yeah I know it has been a year and truly we ought to let by-gone be by-gone. Well, after the night, it was said that Taylor Swift had forgiven Kanye West for good.

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