Kaftan is Back: Classic and Stylish

Kaftans were once looked upon as fashion faux pas and nobody wanted to be caught dead wearing one. It’s actually one of those things that can make a laughing stock out of you if you’re ever seen in it.

However, it seems that women then had more taste than women of the following generation because the Kaftan has now returned with a vengeance. This time, it has found its way into the fashion scene.

Kaftan Revived

Kaftans came back some time in 2001 and they haven’t left since. They are what designers deem as the sarong’s better replacement. While sarongs are usually straight cut and do not accentuate a woman’s curves, kaftans do more than just show off a woman’s sexy curves; they show off the sexy silhouette of the female form.

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Kaftans are versatile, too. You can wear them short or long. You can also use them on their own or paired with jeans or leggings. Whichever way you wear them, they’d give you the look of a modern woman with a touch of classic style. Kaftans have become hot items of late, so much so that you will see Hollywood celebrities wearing kaftans to places where before, a woman in a kaftan wouldn’t have been welcome.

Style and Comfort

If you’re worried that a kaftan will leave you looking unglamorous and unsophisticated, you need not worry any longer. The versatility of the kaftan has reached semi-formal and formal occasions.

For the fashionistas or people who devotedly follow fashion, different styles of kaftans have been introduced. For a more sophisticated look, beads and sequins have been added to the regular kaftan. Some also have studs and stones for those who love the blings.

The kaftan’s fabric is soft and flowing so it’s perfect for balmy days and nights. Designs go from eccentrically colorful to demure plains and prints. For the perfect look, you can match your kaftan dress with a turban of the same fabric.

While the sarong is more commonly used as beachwear, the kaftan lends itself well to a variety of uses. You can use them anywhere – from the streets and casual parties to formal gatherings. Truly, the kaftan has overshadowed the sarong and while the latter will always be visible in beaches, the former will be visible everywhere for at least another decade.

Kaftans were revived at just the right time, when women are looking for more than what the runways have given them for the past decades or so. The perfect combination of classic style and elegance in a very attractive and wearable article of clothing is what makes women all over the globe go gaga over kaftans.

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