Judge Susan Bolton and Her Ineffectual SB1070
Arizona SB 1070 has been controversial from the beginning. Considering SB 1070 by far is the strictest and broadest anti-illegal immigration bill ever. However, President Barrack Obama describes SB1070 as anti-democratic while the Republicans support SB1070.

And just about SB1070 was to become a law, US District Judge Susan Bolton makes changes on the bill which many believes is the foundation of passing SB1070 in the first place.

Judge Susan Bolton did not block just one, not two but three of the most important and controversial provisions in the regulation. Let’s name them:

One, requiring a police officer to check the immigration status of those arrested and stopped. Judge Susan Bolton also stopped the provision on SB1070 requiring legal immigrants carry their citizenship papers at all times or face penalties. Lastly, Judge Susan Bolton trashed the provision not allowing illegal immigrants to have a job.

So, that means, if I am not mistaken, the police might have an illegal immigrant right under their noses and still not know it because there is no need for the police to check his detainees’ papers? Or maybe I just don’t understand this logic.

And, if say, a legal immigrant does not carry his citizenship identification, how can he be identified correctly than those who jumped the boarder? Identification will serve its purpose if you carry it with you.

The last part, I would say, I cannot truly understand. You go to any country and it is always illegal for foreigners without a working visa to get a job. And employers are not allowed to hire foreigners without a proper visa. This way, both the foreign country and the host country benefit on the foreigner’s employment. It’s just the way it is.

With these three provisions removed, Arizona now has nothing but a law with a muzzle on it.

Nevertheless, I admire the courage of Judge Susan Bolton. With the recent changes in the bill her life is being threatened and many people are frustrated with her. Just imagine the amount of phone calls and letters Susan Bolton must have been receiving since her preliminary injunction.

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