Jessica Simpson is engaged too! 1

It’s a timing everyone is talking about. Jessica Simpson got engaged a few days after her ex-husband Nick Lachey announced his own engagement. I hope it’s me but I guess Jessica Simpson is up to racing Nick to the altar. I hope Jessica is not making a totally uncalled for competition of who is happier now. If I am correct in saying that, I say that is totally childish. Grow up, Jessica. I say, what’s the rush? You started dating the guy for two seconds and you want to marry him? Puhleezz.

Or maybe we are just looking at it the wrong way. Maybe, Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are really up to marrying but you know, Eric’s divorce wasn’t final yet. And so, weeks after the divorce was finalized on October 7, they went shopping for the rock (at Walmart? Haha) and just about the time they wanted to announce their plans, Nick and his beautiful girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo are announcing their engagement. Yeah, maybe that’s what happened.



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