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Java the most densely populated island is the fifth largest island in Indonesia. The culture of Java dates back to centuries and located to the west of the island is Jakarta the Indonesian capital. Java is divided into four provinces: East Java with its capital being Surabaya, Central Java with its capital of Semarang, West Java with the capital city being Bandung, and Banten whose capital is Serang. The major ethnic unit is Javanese. But they do not live in the western part of Java, where Sundanese occupy the most of the area. Two cities with a special status (Daerah Istemewa) are the cities of Jakarta and Yogyakarta.
The Main Cities
Surabaya: It is the second largest city in Indonesia and an industrial centre.In the war of independence against the Dutch this city played a major role. Ijen Plateau and Gunung Bromo are situated close to Surabaya and it can be base place to visit these two tourist sites. .
Yogyakarta: This is a friendly city and the centre for Javanese art and culture. Kraton is the place of tourist importance along with the silverworks. It is in the outskirts of this city the second largest Buddhist monument of South East Asia known as Borobudur. The famous hindu temple complex Prambanan is just a twelve kilometer ride from the city centre.

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